Bill and Ilana Lobbezoo are International Workers with C&MA Canada (Christian and Missionary Alliance) in Cambodia.

Exchange Cambodia is a ministry of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, working to empower, encourage, and love the un-reached people of Cambodia.

Bill and Ilana Lobbezoo

Language Exchange Camps​​

The language exchange camps serve the purpose of teaching English (a valuable asset) to Cambodian locals. Short term teams and individuals travel to Cambodia to participate in the Language Exchange Camps as english teachers. The english teachers are also given the chance to bond with their students by learning some of the Khmer language. The purpose of this is to foster relationship, and conversation, and to open doors to share the love of Christ.

The Language Exchange Camps operate with four main goals:

To initiate education
Through the language and basic conversation studied, we hope to initiate a movement towards education. We believe that education is an essential stepping stone in fighting against the injustices that ail so much of the impoverished world in the present day.
To experience culture
Our goal is for both our foreign teachers, and our national students to experience new cultures. Exposure to new cultures is exciting, and is important in understanding the world around us.
To foster relationships
Our main goal is to foster relationships, because the impact is not just done during the days a team or intern is on the ground and at the camps. The impact is made in the relationships that continue after. It is through relationships that we are able to reach the hearts of people, and show them the hope of Christ.
To share the Gospel
We hope that through testimonies, songs, and relationships, we are able to spread the word of Christ to those who have not yet heard it.


Get Involved

Marathon of the Mullet

For a number of years, Bill, and other volunteers have been running in the Angkor Wat International Half Marathon in order to raise money for ministry and camp.

As many Cambodians who attend camp do not have sufficient recources, the price a student pays to attend is very low. Because of this, the amount of students that are able to attend the camps depends on how many students exchange ministries is able to pay for. Many years, students aren't able to attend because exchange ministries does not have sufficient finds available. 

We are working to change that.

All proceeds from the run go towards funding the Language Exchange camps of the following summer. 

Sponsor a runner, and send a kid to camp!

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